Ukraine on the train – from a military to a cultural conflict

On a recent trip to Berlin, I was taken aback to see the images from TV suddenly come alive. Here were real people with laminated Ukrainian flags around their necks to be identifiable to refugees arriving at the Berlin main train station. Some were bent over their cell phones surrounded by a small crowd of people, jointly looking up train connections, trying to find lodging or maybe just getting information about where these particular refugees were coming from.https://expatchatter.net/2022/04/24/ukraine-on-the-train-from-a-military-to-a-cultural-conflict/

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Hi, I’m Brenda, founder of Expat CHatter

My visit to Bavaria has now stretched out for decades. But even though I’m well-integrated, I remain a visitor of sorts. I still swoon every time I drive through a small village with quaint houses, a market square and a stone church with an onion dome.

“What a cute little town!” I say, triggering dramatic eye-rolling from my teenage daughters. “Stop saying that,” they plead. “We’re from here!”

But since I’m not from here, I see things with different, foreign eyes. That’s what this blog is all about: seeing Bavaria through Midwestern American tinted glasses. It’s an adventure that never stops!


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