Author: Expat chatter

  • Of planes to Spain exploring new terrain

    I was thrilled when my daughter decided to study Spanish in Spain for three months, but perturbed by how much had changed since I had been there many years earlier

  • The blossom butcher of Bavaria

    If you see one balcony with dead flowers surrounded by houses with perfectly groomed plants, you’ll know you’ve found my place

  • The ghost hand

    What are all of these mittens, socks and scarves doing hanging from bushes, tree branches and fence posts? The answer might surprise you

  • Footprints from World War II

    15 February 2019 Like any American of my generation, I grew up on WWII movies. America loves to glorify its role in saving Europe from the Nazis (even though the Soviet Union paid a far higher price), so TV shows and movies in the 1960s and 1970s were laden with war scenes offering the opportunity […]

  • Rammed in the Tram

    10 January 2019 How is it that Munich is the richest city in Germany but seems to have the worst public transportation system? OK, neither of these facts is backed up by fact. But Munich does have the reputation of being pretty much “the” place to live and on visits to Berlin and other major […]

  • Roarin’ Retirees

    10 December 2018 I still remember when my father’s boss retired. I was about 10 years old and could remember him talking about his boss Harry from when I was a little girl. Harry was a great guy and he and my Dad shared the same engineer DNA. They swopped jokes and talked politics and […]

  • Trains of Thought

    15 November 2018 It’s a bright sunny day as my daughter and I hop on the train to go to Berlin, taking a regional S-Bahn commuter train to the main station. I contemplate how different Berlin is from relatively sleepy Munich. While the latter city only gained economic importance in the 1960s and was never […]

  • Studying in Germany is nothing like the U.S.

    Nothing prepared me for when my daughters set off for German universities. They have little in common with the institutions that go by the same name in the U.S.

  • Here we go again – it’s Oktoberfest time

    Oktoberfest is here! An insider’s view of the curious goings-on.

  • Looking for the Moon

    Determined to see the Blood Moon, we wandered through the neighborhood to get a better look. We discovered all our neighbors had the same idea