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This is hyped as the world’s biggest folk festival. Not bad, considering it draws around 6 million visitors each year. But beyond the beer, there is so much more, including a bona fide flea circus and a Schnapps carousel.

I tried to escape the Oktoberfest. I failed.

Read by Brenda For the second time, the Oktoberfest has been canceled due to corona.....

Grave Thoughts Indeed – Part 4 – The Oktoberfest

26 May 2021  (Click here for parts 1, 2 and 3) Munich is known first....

The Oktoberfest was canceled due to COVID-19

Munich's Oktoberfest was canceled due to COVID-19, but locals are celebrating anyway.


An Intents Experience – My Oktoberfest Visit

The Oktoberfest is inextricably linked to drinking beer. But there's a lot more to it....

Here we go again – it’s Oktoberfest time

Oktoberfest is here! An insider's view of the curious goings-on.