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That map might just quash your travel plans – so focus on fun instead

Germans are usually so logical, it’s hard to believe how that can make such planning....

Think your vacation was spectacular? Don’t make me yawn

Germans take vacations every year without fail. If you need to know something about your....

Canada, oh Canada, what have you done?

Canada and New Zealand have been bastions of rationality until the trucker protests broke out.....

How to beat the virus in 2022

There are more virus variants down the road in 2022. So let's do what Sleeping....

I tried to escape the Oktoberfest. I failed.

Read by Brenda For the second time, the Oktoberfest has been canceled due to corona.....

The library, the monk and the sandals

Read by Brenda “Take their books! They’re useless propaganda. Get rid of them!” This actually....


The 400-year-old Marketing Flop You’ve Never Heard of

Read by Brenda They told me in college that marketing was invented in the U.S.....

Get those escargots out of my lawnmower

French culture impacted many countries' languages and cuisine - and even the front yard.

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Vaccination Fascination

25 July 2021 A strange thing has set upon us. Suddenly, we’re all doctors. Better....


The Prussian Rock Star in my Wardrobe

18 July 2021 Many people have been using their downtime from the pandemic to tackle....


Stand down, parler, this word is too good to debauch

Language is constantly in flux. Words come, words go, and sometimes their meaning changes altogether.....


The Race for Space is Over (but not the way you think)

Shopping pre-corona in Germany used to be a contact sport - that changed overnight


Berlin, lost and sometimes found

Berlin's history spans three eras and each one has some surprises in store


The Secret Second Life of Balconies

Balconies are great in summer, but they can be useful in winter in surprising ways.

Hot wine and cold toes

Every town has its Christmas market. I try my luck fitting in at a local....

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The Several Santa Syndrome

Taking bits and pieces of different Christmas cultures can lead to a lot of confusion.


Thanksgiving? No, thanks

Americans like to think of Thanksgiving as being the ultimate American holiday, but it's actually....

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Halloween Goes Global

Halloween has made its way to Germany, but some funny things happened to this holiday....


An Intents Experience – My Oktoberfest Visit

The Oktoberfest is inextricably linked to drinking beer. But there's a lot more to it....

The Curious Case of the X in the Sock Drawer

Remember the old standard joke that people use when they don't want to go to....


Of planes to Spain exploring new terrain

I was thrilled when my daughter decided to study Spanish in Spain for three months,....