What is Expat Chatter?

Expat Chatter is about my visit to Bavaria, although visit is stretching it a bit, considering I’ve been here over 10 years. OK, 30. But even though I’m well integrated, I remain a visitor of sorts, causing me to swoon every time I drive through a small village with quaint houses, market square and church that predates Christopher Columbus.

“What a cute little town!” invariably escapes my lips, triggering dramatic eye-rolling from my teenage daughters. Stop saying that, they plead. “We’re from here!”

Which is, of course, the key difference. Not being from here, I can’t help but see things with different, foreign eyes. Things that are just plain vanilla to a someone born and raised here are a triple fudge sundae to me – with extra whipped cream and colored sprinkles. That’s what this blog is all about: seeing Bavaria through Midwestern American tinted glasses. It’s an adventure that never stops!

Brenda Arnold