I still swoon every time I drive through a small village with quaint houses, a market square and a stone church with an onion dome.

“What a cute little town!” I say, triggering dramatic eye-rolling from my teenage daughters. “Stop saying that,” they plead. “We’re from here!”

But since I’m not from here, I see things with different, foreign eyes. That’s what this blog is all about: seeing Bavaria through Midwestern American tinted glasses. It’s an adventure that never stops!

Blutenburg tower with "Expat Chatter" text

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Crazy cultural confrontations German culture

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Cozy? Let’s sabotage that by opening a window

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Crazy cultural confrontations German culture German-American cultural divide

The Superbowl is super in Germany, too

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Better than bread: The best excuse to fatten up

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Talk better—talk like a dog

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